About GolfStepz

GolfStepz® is a Golf Fitness Program with a vital purpose. Sort of like a fitness coach, GolfStepz's® purpose is to empower people to take more control of their health through golf. Golf is a great game, and by unlocking the exercise capabilities of the game, the benefits can be limitless.

During an *18-hole round of golf, players burn up to 2,000 calories (walking) and 1,300 calories (riding a cart), have seen glucose levels fall by up to 30% depending on age, and have confirmed improvements to cholesterol levels. Additionally, players engage the course more personally, and in a time of complex schedules; combining exercise and recreation is a winner all the way around the cup.

*As reported by Golf 20/20 - World Golf Foundation - Walker Research Group, "The Health & Wellness Benefits of Golf - Participation & Involvement". October 2011.

GolfStepz.org features a menu of options to help encourage players to get out on the course and recognize the greater value of the game. Players through the website, or mobile version, can register their own profile, post "on-course" mileage from any course in the United States of America, track their stats, view their historical data, and compare with others via our real-time leaderboards. There is something for everyone when it comes to improving their health game at GolfStepz.org.

Here are some FAQ's about GolfStepz®....

  • Just like the Game of Golf....GolfStepz® is based on the HONOR SYSTEM, so all participants are expected to truthfully submit their correct mileage. Mileage may be verified with the course reported.
  • Participation at GolfStepz.org is FREE (all you need is a pedometer to track your distance in mileage, and a computer/smartphone to input the data). Future competition versions of GolfStepz® may require fees.
  • GPS Pedometers should not be used when riding. Mileage using a GPS device may only be submitted for a walking round.
  • Submit your round mileage by logging in and using the "+Enter a Round" function in the menu.
  • Track your statistics via your GolfStepz® Profile, with filters available to help isolate your activity.
  • Keep track of your friends through the "Search" box located above the homepage leaderboards.